4 More Sleeps and Blast Off!


We are days away from heading off on our Australia wide tour in our trusty caravan “Fluffy.”  We have no idea how long we will be away – as long as it takes.  We have the first part mapped out and then we will decide to continue or to take a short break home and then go out again.  Our days are our own and we have planned and saved for this trip for years.  It is finally about to happen!  I spent all day yesterday cleaning the caravan, opening everything up and pulling everything out of the cupboards so that I can pack it all in a way that makes complete logical sense and will keep Derek frustrated and

I spent all day yesterday cleaning the caravan, opening everything up and pulling everything out of the cupboards so that I can pack it all in a way that makes complete logical sense to me.  It is also a way that will keep Derek frustrated and pulling out what little hair he has left because he will not be able to find a thing.  What can I say, I use my talents as often as I can in truly wonderful ways, blessing the lives of thousands.

So far, we are avoiding being in the same workspace at the same time.  It is better that way.  Everyone lives and we don’t have to make any time-wasting trips to the ER or risk needing walkers or body hoists on the trip. We can yell at each other for all the things that we forgot to do and keep it straight who was responsible for what.   That should provide road entertainment for us once the trivia signs run out.  In Australia, they have trivia signs up along the highways to help keep you awake and alert.  They post the question, leave you a few miles so all the family can fight and argue about the answer, and then they post the answer down the road.  Again, they give you some time to high five the winner and to say “I told you so,” or “that is what I meant to say,” or “that is wrong, give me my phone, I will prove it,” before they put up the next question.  You kind of hope people make it to the next question and don’t crash because the driver is the one who is sure the answer is wrong and is now searching google on his phone to prove it.

The excitement is building … or it was.  It was before we went to the dentist yesterday. While we were waiting for my appointment, Derek was reading a caravanning magazine.  An older couple came out talking with the dentist and saying their goodbyes.

“Have a good time on your trip,” our dentist told them.

“We sure will,” said the man and then he turned back and added, “you can think of us sitting there, eating at all those 5-star restaurants every day for the next year.”

“Enjoy your cruise,” the dentist called after them as they walked across the foyer to the door.

At that exact moment Derek, who, hard of hearing and not paying any attention had missed the entire conversation, nudged me and said,  “This is where I’ve booked us into, Julia Creek, isn’t it glorious?”  And he showed me this picture.


Some things are probably best left for the right setting – one that is devoid of other people and their holidays.

He spent the next hour trying to convince me how wonderful it was going to be pointing out all the fun things we can do there, which consisted of … fishing, kayaking, happy hour-ing, visiting the other campers, …. all things that I do not do.   To be fair he has offered before that I could take the one man kayak out if I wanted to, and he assures me the croc warning sign is “just in case.”  I am not that great a swimmer when I am in the pool and I want to reach the inner tube.  I am pretty sure swimming ability deteriorates the more out of the kayak you are because you tipped over, the harder it was to get out from under the boat and find the surface to breathe, the further you are from shore, and the appearance of what looks like a crocodile swimming towards you.  So no, I won’t be kayaking … not in any river or lake.  The swimming pool, maybe.

Yes, so you can see how the reality of all of this is sinking in.  If Derek would just stop showing me videos of trucks negotiating rivers full of crocs, driving over huge boulders and through great mud pits . . . I might find the joy again.  Part of me is excited beyond belief and part of me is terrified.  Wolf Creek man is still out there.   I don’t want to be the cause for a third sequel.  But some of the scenery and the sense of being totally on your own away from civilization … wow!  It is also the fact that this is pushing me beyond my boundaries – rediscovering some of the me that used to fearlessly rock climb up mountains and was up for anything – years ago, in another country.

Whatever side wins, it is all going to be one great big adventure.