This is “Butterfly Boy,” also known as “Friend of Naked Man,” and sometimes, “Derek.” We arrived to set up camp in a beautiful camp, set on a lake, in Kununurra. As we were setting up this butterfly landed on our travelling princess “Butterfly Boy” and stayed there. “BB” came to show me and I took the picture and all the while “BB” moved to set up the caravan, pounding, and bending, swearing and kicking . . . the butterfly stayed. Eventually, we had to go out to grab a few groceries and “BB” gently lifted him from off his shirt and set him in the shade under the caravan. When we returned, hours later, the butterfly lay still where he had left him. When Derek saw him he ran to him and immediately began administering CPR. I had to pull him off. “He’s gone, let him go . . . you HAVE to let him go!” Clearly, the poor thing died of a broken heart. “Butterfly Boy” has that effect on people. Once you meet him, you will never be the same. It was a very sad day.

But then, we went exploring.

What a beautiful spot. Again, we were blessed with great weather and the surrounding countryside was really interesting and beautiful.  We found the local swimming spot and had a great time watching some of the kids.  Beautiful big trees and of course my favourite, the Boabs.

We decided we were going to be staying for a few days. I could not get over the different rock formations and the huge rocks that looked like someone had just tossed them across the ground. There were tumbles of them everywhere.

The next day we decided to drive down to Ivanhoe Crossing.

Wyndham is the oldest and hottest town in the area with a very interesting past. Believe it or not, cruise ships stop here and people get off to “shop” in the quaint little town. We visited a couple of cemeteries – one for the Afghanistan’s and one for several of the men who had died in a tragic accident – almost everyone buried there was so young.

There was plenty to see around the area, we went down some tracks that led to pretty much nowhere but wow, the views were awesome.

On our way back we stopped in at the famous “Grotto.”

I freely admit I did not climb down to see the swimming area. It was stinking hot and the steps were huge and crumbly. In addition, there were plenty of young kids having a great time.

In some respects, we would have been very happy to stay in the area longer. It was a nice respite from all the heat and the lack of green anything. We felt pampered and calm. Except for the butterfly of course … “Butterfly Boy” completely broke his little heart and maybe even a rib or two with that whole CPR routine.