The Ugly Side of Caravanners


Along the road, caravans keep an eye open for the free stops provided for people to spend a night. A state will set up cleared spots with water, toilets, and fire or cooking spots. Every afternoon people begin to congregate in these places for a single night stay on their way to their next major destination. They are convenient and much appreciated. The cycle begins at 3 PM and continues until dusk. No-one wants to be on remote roads when the kangaroos are out for their feedings. Most people are very courteous and will make sure they leave room for the next guy. We all know that the next available stopping place may be miles away.


These people are not in front of their own camp. When a caravan stopped in the space by this fire pit, in front of their caravan, they immediately ran out and set up their chairs in front of the pit. It meant that when the new people opened their door, these people would be sitting there. If they wanted to put up a table and chairs to eat outside, they would have to set it up away from their own caravan. If they had a barbeque fitted into the back of their caravan, they would have to walk around the people to cook and then around them to access their door or their table set up outdoors. It was extremely uncomfortable and so they left. These people in the picture, afraid someone might park beside them, and egged on by their friends who were laughing hysterically at how they “made” the people leave, continued to sit there without even building a fire, to stop anyone else from thinking about parking there. Another caravan pulled in much later when it was really getting dark, circled looking for a place to stay, and finding none, headed out into the night. I hope to God they made it to somewhere to safely stop.

It may seem mean to post their picture but seriously, what is wrong with people that we would do this to one another? If they think their behaviour was funny then I am sure they are proud of their actions and will not be offended to have it shared with the internet.