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A Canadian and an Australian walked into a bar … no actually we skipped the bar and just got married. We lived in Canada, and now we are retired and living in Australia. I am doing missionary work with the Australians – trying to teach them to speak properly and to behave themselves. It is a thankless, tough job, but I am determined. Mostly I just supervise them and try to keep them from being arrested.

We have traveled most of the world already and hubby has yet to show me all of Australia so we bought a caravan. And now we are wandering the country, unattended, and pretty much out of control. This blog is going to chronicle our epic adventures and you are welcome to come along. Just be warned, buckle up. As with all my blogs, no-one is safe. Every encounter, every situation is fodder for the blog. Of course, everything I write is completely true. Really. Trust me.

derek and aria