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On To Port Hedland and Cue

Continuing on in Western Australia, the vastness of the land really hits you. It reminds me of Eastern Montana Hwy 2.  Here you are dealing lots of mining and ranching.   It is a… Continue reading


I have to admit there are times on the road when one must make do with what one has. We were oten miles away from medical help although knowing that the Royal Flying… Continue reading

The Ugly Side of Caravanners

Along the road, caravans keep an eye open for the free stops provided for people to spend a night. A state will set up cleared spots with water, toilets, and fire or cooking… Continue reading


This is “Butterfly Boy,” also known as “Friend of Naked Man,” and sometimes, “Derek.” We arrived to set up camp in a beautiful camp, set on a lake, in Kununurra. As we were… Continue reading


Next, we were on to Darwin and I was pretty excited about the prospect. We were going to stay for a week, do some eating out, do some shopping, sightsee, relax … loved… Continue reading

Litchfield Gorge

For some reason our HEMA started making up routes just to mess with our heads. It would take us in big circles and bring us back to where we started from.  There did… Continue reading

Forward to Katherine.

Derek drives like no-one I have ever met. He totally concentrates. He sees everyone. He calculates what they are doing so he can do what he needs to do and make sure they… Continue reading


Along the way people ask about where you have come from, where you have been and where you are going. Inevitably people talk about Ayer’s Rock. I was shocked to hear so many… Continue reading

Curtin Springs – Frankly Dear, They Don’t Give A Damn.

We relocated to Curtin Springs from Alice Springs as we wanted to head to Uluru (Ayer’s Rock). Ayer’s Rock has been turned into a kind of resort with prices for everything being in… Continue reading

Hermannsburg – Ntaria

On the same day we visited the Standley Chasm, we drove a bit further to take in Hermannsburg or, as the original land owners called it, Ntaria. This was an Aborigine mission established… Continue reading