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Please forgive me for the breaks in posts.  I write them but it is hard to find places where we have internet and then dealing with the cost of data out here  …. have… Continue reading

Wondai. The Wrap Up.

Derek and I do differ on a couple of things. He is all over using the campsite showers and bathrooms if we stop in a park. I prefer to use the ones in the caravan. Please remember that I am Canadian. We are very polite and very private. We are more into pretending that none of us ever have to go to the bathroom, thus we call them “bathrooms.” Our bathrooms are disguised are luxurious spa/libraries … with fireplaces, and water features and well-padded furniture. Here you have a room with a toilet in it. You call it “the toilet.”

Long Reach. Part 3.

I hugged her and did not even care that the other fellow caravanners were looking at me strangely. I smiled at them. I made real eye contact, and I didn’t even care that they turned and looked off into the distance or made for their caravan door. I loved everyone in that moment.