On the Move to Winton and Beyond.

9:00 AM and now you know where your seniors are! I have to add in here that despite ALL the problems we have had, getting all these caravan things coordinated, our manufacturer, Supreme… Continue reading

On To Longreach

The next morning, all we wanted was to get the hell outta dodge. We packed up and got on the road so that we would time our arrival into Longreach for when the… Continue reading

Leaving Emerald, on to Barcaldine.

This morning’s 9:00 picture is about 25 km west of Emerald heading into gem country. The towns are called Emerald, Rubyvale, Sapphire, etc. You can fossick for the gems just about anywhere and… Continue reading


This was my 9:00 AM picture for day 3. Note the circus tent tops off in the distance and in the pictures down below you can see our lovely cow yards which are… Continue reading

Day 2. Big Australian Trek – Heading North.

Here is where we were at 9:00 this morning – somewhere on the Burnett Hwy, north of Monto. Our morning drive revealed many extra lakes, gifts of the recent flooding but very effectively… Continue reading

Day 1. Big Australia Trek – Heading North.

We got off at midday, having given up on the postman ever showing up and missing out on the last chance to get the parcel from Bree. Hopefully, it will be there by… Continue reading

4 More Sleeps and Blast Off!

We are days away from heading off on our Australia wide tour in our trusty caravan “Fluffy.”  We have no idea how long we will be away – as long as it takes.… Continue reading


Our next big adventure was for 10 days at Poona. Of course, we checked the calendar for school holidays, to make sure we did not end up with 30,000 out of control kids… Continue reading

Cruising with Caravanners.

These people are merciless. They play the game with or without your co-operation and the caravan game is exactly like the cruise game except you one has “ruise” after the “c” and the other one has “aravan.”

Yeppoon 2.

Except for the guy who was barefoot, no shirt, with shorts hanging off his hips that wandered to the lake edge, scratched his balls, and wandered back somewhere into the bush, not a single person ever appeared, despite my excellent clapping to demand that they should.