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Adele’s Grove Part 4

Derek decided to spend our last day kayaking in the National Park and climbing a couple of the more difficult tracks. I was excited for him and could not wait to see the… Continue reading

Adele’s Grove Part 3

We booked in to do a river cruise in the national park. I was so excited. They have canoes here to rent for the river, they also have inner tubes for free, and… Continue reading

Adele’s Grove 2

I am in love with this oasis in the middle of the desert. I cannot imagine how the first explorers must have felt, struggling through the heat across the land and suddenly coming… Continue reading

On To Adele’s Grove

Derek got some awesome snaps during the night and early morning of the moon. A quick breakfast, a quick tidy and we were hooked up and on our way.  We planned to make… Continue reading