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Hermannsburg – Ntaria

On the same day we visited the Standley Chasm, we drove a bit further to take in Hermannsburg or, as the original land owners called it, Ntaria. This was an Aborigine mission established… Continue reading

Standley Chasm (Angkerle)

Standley Chasm (Angkerle) is north of Alice Springs. We decided to make a day trip and head out to look around, sans “Fluffy.” It feels so strange to be driving without our little… Continue reading

Camooweal to Alice Springs.

Camooweal was a huge disappointment. Shopping was less than what was offered in Burketown. No fresh veg or fruit for us. Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to have a… Continue reading

On To Camooweal.

Driving the next leg of the trip was the longest, most difficult day, but also the most rewarding. As we passed the road that we should have turned on to head to Hell’s… Continue reading

Burketown 2

The next 3 days we explored all around Burketown. The information centre was very helpful, giving exact locations where Derek could fish. We drove out around the countryside and found this amazing spot… Continue reading

On To Burketown.

We headed out bright and early, took care of dumping the dunny, and headed out back across the dirt/gravel road that had brought us into Adele’s Grove those few days before. We really… Continue reading

Adele’s Grove Part 4

Derek decided to spend our last day kayaking in the National Park and climbing a couple of the more difficult tracks. I was excited for him and could not wait to see the… Continue reading

Adele’s Grove Part 3

We booked in to do a river cruise in the national park. I was so excited. They have canoes here to rent for the river, they also have inner tubes for free, and… Continue reading

Adele’s Grove 2

I am in love with this oasis in the middle of the desert. I cannot imagine how the first explorers must have felt, struggling through the heat across the land and suddenly coming… Continue reading

On To Adele’s Grove

Derek got some awesome snaps during the night and early morning of the moon. A quick breakfast, a quick tidy and we were hooked up and on our way.  We planned to make… Continue reading